Best Bitcoin Wallet in India — Everything You Need To Know in 2020

Sunny Jain July 25, 2020


Why BitXmi is the Best Bitcoin wallet in India?

When it comes to Best Bitcoin Wallet & investment in Cryptocurrency, Selecting storage is as crucial as buying Crypto coins. Just as you have a savings account to store your money in the bank, Bitcoin Wallet also enables you to store your Bitcoins for long-term. Bitcoins wallets are just like your savings account, which lets you check for your day-to-day transactions. It stores the private Cryptographic keys that you need to access your cryptocurrency funds. Storing your private keys safe is one of the most vital tasks. So, you should ensure maximum security while choosing the best Bitcoin wallet in India.

Which Bitcoin wallet is best in India?

If you are confused about which Bitcoin wallet is best in India, then it’s time to eliminate all your confusion. BitXmi has brought you the most reliable wallet to store Bitcoins in India. Whether it is about accessibility or security, BitXmi has all the features that you need in an advanced Bitcoin wallet. So, if you are scanning for a Bitcoin Wallet, here are some top reasons to choose BitXmi to store Bitcoins.

Reasons to choose BitXmi as your Bitcoin wallet:

a) Safety:

BitXmi offers you Cold wallets to store all the cryptocurrencies. That means all your fund is ensured in BitXmi. Over 98% of Crypto traders in India use BitXmi to store Bitcoins safely. Besides, BitXmi uses Industry’s leading online security to offer you maximum protection of your funds. When you open an account in BitXmi, it subjects to all the safety standards, including multi-stage verification. With Bank-level security, you can even lock your wallet with a passcode. And most essentially, you can remotely disable your phone’s access if your phone is stolen.

b) Lightning-fast transactions:

BitXmi wallets are highly efficient. They offer you High-speed transactions of cryptocurrencies. It is proficient in handling millions of transactions at a time. Furthermore, BitXmi also offers you Cold wallets that are not linked to hot internet like a hot wallet. So, it again ensures your maximum security against cyber-criminals.

c) Supports multiple tokens:

When it comes to the wallet, it must support all the leading tokens in the world. Some people trade various other coins like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

BitXmi supports all the popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

d) Easy-to-use:

Storing funds in wallets involves a lot of steps. So, when it comes to accessibility, the cold wallets must be simple and efficient for all the traders. BitXmi is a 100% user-friendly wallet to store Bitcoins. When you use BitXmi Wallets, you will fall in love with the advanced features that it offers. The wallets are 100% easy-to-use. The beginners also find it simpler to use.

e) Multi-lingual support:

When it comes to using the best Bitcoin wallet in India, language must not be a barrier. So, BitXmi offers you Multi-lingual support. That means traders from any part of the world can access it. It also provides you 24×7 supports to ensure all traders find the wallet easy to use.

So, if you are looking for the most reliable Bitcoin wallets, Visit BitXmi now!- the only wallet that focuses on user-experience.

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