Bitxmi — All you need for Successful Crypto Trading

Kataryna Habeliia April 2, 2021

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Bitxmi — All you need for Successful Crypto Trading

Bitxmi is Expanding. Now trading will become even more convenient and accessible with new functions. Join us and trade with leverage futures contracts, buy and sell high volume with OTC trading, and make instant spot trades.

Spot Trading on Bitxmi

The spot market is a market with special conditions for the settlement of transactions between traders. And all orders in this market are called cash or spot orders. Such a market is characterized by the instantaneous emergence of property rights at the time of the transaction. This is precisely the main distinguishing feature of transactions in the spot market.

Prices in this market show the current and most real situation. By tracking the movement of these prices, you can quickly understand the main trends that exist on the trading floor.

On BitXmi, after registering and opening an account, you are already on the spot market by default and you also have all the settings for the spot market.

OTC Trading

OTC stands for Over-the-Counter. The seller and the buyer enter into a transaction directly with each other, usually with the assistance of third parties. When trading on the exchange, to conduct a large transaction, you usually need to make many small transactions, the rates in which may vary. The price fluctuations commonly seen in the cryptocurrency market can significantly increase trading costs and hurt market participants.

During OTC trading, clients are limited to one large trade, which allows them to increase efficiency and avoid complications with the execution on different crypto exchanges. In addition, the transaction is not recorded in the order book of the site and is not displayed publicly, which allows achieving a higher level of privacy.

You can get to the OTC trading tab directly from the main page of the Bitxmi exchange after entering your login and password (for registered users) or register.

Margin trading

Margin trading is borrowing funds to close a deal. In other words, it is a form of credit that can be used for trading. The borrowing itself is called “leverage”. This risky investment strategy is becoming more common in the cryptocurrency environment.

On the BitXmi crypto exchange, leverage of 3x is available. Margin trading on the Bitxmi Exchange can increase profits if the trade is successful. Imagine that without margin, you make a $ 1000 trade and earn $ 200 on the transactions. When a 3: 1 leverage is used, which means the trade is now worth $ 3000, the profit rises to $ 600. An initial $ 1000 plus interest is paid, and the trader gets an impressive amount.

Contract Trading

A futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset, such as Bitcoin, on a predetermined date and at a predetermined price. The contract tracks the underlying asset, be it a commodity, stock, or cryptocurrency. This is a kind of bet on the future movement of the asset price.

BitXmi plans to add trade futures contracts with leverage soon. When trading leveraged crypto futures, the profit is generally higher. On BitXmi, you can set leverage of 125%. You can adjust the amount of leverage you need yourself (see image below).

Buy Crypto With Credit and Debit Cards in 5 minutes

The transaction for the purchase of cryptocurrency is automatic, and you are guaranteed to receive the cryptocurrency in a few minutes. The purchased cryptocurrency is credited directly to your Bitxmi account. There are 20 popular cryptocurrencies available for purchase on Bitxmi. Click on the buy crypto tab and follow the instructions. (Read more on how to do this here).

In case of a dispute, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support

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