BitXmi: An exchange built to disrupt.

We live in interesting times. The biggest hotelier in the world — owns no hotels. The largest taxi company in the world — has no cars. The largest community of people on earth — have never even met one another. We have seen technology radically alter the most established and powerful industries. The trend of the last twenty years has been focused firmly on one concept — disruption. The fact that one idea from one person can be so revolutionary is sign of the times we live in, anyone can broadcast from their mobile phone, a movement can spread like wildfire thanks to social media, communities of previously shunned interests can now gather with the click of a button. Disruption is everywhere but one industry that has firmly protected itself is banking and money — until now…

Satoshi Nakamoto changed the idea of money as we know it when he solved the double spend problem. This allowed digital, decentralised money to finally be usable for actual value transfer. The underlying technology of Bitcoin, known as blockchain will create the biggest disruption since the internet.

BitXmi wants to play its part in this disruption. We want to bring together buyers and sellers of digital assets across the globe in an easy to use, fair and powerful exchange. We are open about our fees, policies and features. In that way we at BitXmi are transparent like water…

Introducing Sanjay Jain: CEO of BitXmi

Draped exclusively in Louis Vuitton finished off with the finest Berluti shoes, Sunny looks more like the CEO of a vast banking corporation or group of hotels. How ironic then that he is firmly on the opposite end of established industry, bringing forth his dream of a crypto exchange in this disruptive space.

Every business is only as good as its people. And here at BitXmi we have some of the finest people in the industry. At the heart of the business the man who first ventured out to create the best crypto-crypto exchange is Sanjay Jain.

He formally founded the company in 2008 and it was officially registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Given the nature of crypto and its image of t-shirt wearing, vape smoking, 20-something bearded dudes you may be surprised when Sanjay, or Sunny as he is known walks in the room…

Sunny brings to the table vast amounts of varied business experience. He has owned hotels, built a multi-million dollar property portfolio, run metal processing factories and worked in the currency markets for over 30 years. Oh add to that he is a qualified pilot and a deep water diver! He understands customer requirements and knows what crypto is lacking — a trusted, easy to use place to buy and sell crypto assets. His plan for BitXmi is two fold — to bring to market the best crypto-crypto exchange and increase the legitimacy and awareness of the blockchain space by encouraging more people to buy crypto.

Blockchain is a global industry and brings together the smartest minds from every corner of the globe. Then its a good thing Sunny has traveled to most of the world, indeed his passports tend to run out at rapid speeds. In his spare time Sunny enjoys generating new business ideas, appreciating the finest hotels and dining in the best restaurants.

Sunny shares his passion for BitXmi with a hand-picked team of the finest caliber. From world class crypto experts to renowned filmmakers (BitXmi will be featured in a Netflix film) Sunny has ensured his team are working in tandem with the same goals and core values of the BitXmi brand.

. Sunny and the director at a press shoot for the upcoming blockchain film to be aired on Netflix

BitXmi: Our core values

We want to be the most trusted, intuitive and inclusive exchange. We understand the market and know other exchanges are out there. However the market is immature and the incentives for questionable practices exists — we want to learn from this and therefore our first and core value is to be

Transparent like water…

Blockchain assets are always changing shape and becoming more complex as the tech takes off. For example the new standard of ETH based tokens ERC-721 has just been released. IEO’s are also new to the market and so in due time and with the right customer demand BitXmi will always aim to be

Market relevant and adaptive…

Random flash crashes, frozen charts, poor GUI’s sound familiar? Well that is unfortunately the state of many exchanges in the space. BitXmi wants to address this and make the experience much better. BitXmi always aims to be

Intuitive and user friendly

We get that people want a range of assets to trade and that bigger exchanges charge fees to list. We want to be inclusive and support the grassroots community. We always strive to review our listed assets and be

Constantly reviewing our offering

We want to make our product as open and available as we can. Nobody should feel the need to not use our exchange for fear of cost or security concern. With multi-sig cold storage wallets across the world people can trade with no worry. In that way BitXmi always aims to be

Price competitive and security conscious

The word BitXmi is comprised of two things — Bit referring to Bitcoin and Xmi referring to the goddess of wealth Laxmi. Together join us in disrupting the world…

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