Sunny Jain June 15, 2020

BitXmi: The most efficient Cryptocurrency trade engine in the world!

The exchange of Bitcoins needs highly varying safety, privacy, and security. Users always look for a digital market place that offers them the high-speed transfer of the assets. They look for an exchange platform that is highly safe for the exchange of Cryptocurrency. In such cases, an online platform acts as a link between buyers and sellers of the Cryptocurrency. It helps them to exchange the Cryptocurrency without any hacker’s attack.

We, at Bitxmi, are an exchange platform based in Singapore. We provide the fastest trading of the Cryptocurrency to the entire world; our advanced algorithm helps the users for high-speed transfer of assets. We trade about 40 coin pairs with famous currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance coin, and many more.

We at Bitxmi have more than 35000 memberships. About 600 members join Bitxmi every month. We are one of the fastest-growing exchange platforms in the world. More than one million peoples have visited Bitxmi in the last year. If you are looking for a reliable exchange platform, then here are some solid reasons to choose Bitxmi for buying and selling the Cryptocurrency.

Free rebates for high-volume trades

Bitxmi is the most efficient trading platform in the world. Here at Bitxmi, we execute all the orders as soon as possible. Bitxmi is famous for providing rebates to users. We at Bitxmi provide rebates for High-volume trading of the Cryptocurrency. The users can trade a large volume of Cryptocurrency securely. We also invite all the mega cryptocurrency whales for a massive exchange of Cryptocurrency. Bitxmi also provides cold wallets to the users; the users can store a large volume of Cryptocurrency securely.

New trading limits for verified traders

Bitxmi offers the most amazing deals to its users. The users who are verified can trade up to 99 BTC per day. It is the most trading limit provided by any exchange platform; the news users can also trade up to 3 BTC per day. Bitxmi is the most efficient website for verified traders. The traders can find there fund insured in Bitxmi. The advanced algorithm used helps all the users to ensure their funds.

Offers cold wallets for fund storage

Bitxmi also offers cold wallets to the buyers and sellers of the Cryptocurrency. The buyers can store all their digital currency securely that they buy from any seller. The cold wallets are insured. It helps the users to protect their funds from any hacker’s attack. The buyers can easily store all their funds at the point of exchange.

Quick and efficient order matching system

Bitxmi has the quickest order matching system. We, at Bitxmi, execute all the orders very fast. We combine the buyers and sellers instantly to complete the transaction immediately. Our order books are transparent. The users can easily access it for secure exchange. The buyers can quickly get their digital currency in their cold wallets as fast as possible.

API protocols designed for smooth trading

Bitxmi is the only exchange platform that uses API protocols for building the platform. It helps us to combine the buyers and sellers easily. The application programming interface helps the users to run the trading smoothly. The API used in our platform simplifies the interface, which allows the users to manage the trade faster.

Multilingual support

Bitxmi is accessible to people all around the world. We, at Bitxmi, offer you multilingual support; it allows all the diverse traders to trade without any hassle. We support languages like English, Chinese, Hindi, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and many more.

Insured Funds

Here at Bitxmi, all your funds are insured. We use advanced algorithms that protect your funds from any kind of hacker’s attack. We provide cold wallets to the users. They can keep all their Cryptocurrency secure in our cold wallets.

24×7 customer support

We at Bitxmi offer 24×7 customer support to all the traders. The traders can contact us at any time they want. We are the fastest platform to solve any dispute. Here at Bitxmi, we provide dispute resolution in 30 minutes. We always focus on the best user experience.

Valuable Tips to the traders

The digital assets are the most innovative form of investment these days. It involves price fluctuations. We at Bitxmi offer valuable tips to the traders. We help them to make the best investment decision.

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Another reason for us to pride is listing on CoinMarketCap. CMC is an independent and trusted source of information about cryptocurrency rates, their market capitalization, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges. Almost all cryptocurrencies existing in the world (built on the blockchain and having open source code) are presented on the CoinMarketCap service.

CoinMarketCap does not collaborate with teams and developers. Only verified exchanges selected by CMC staff are added there. We are pleased to inform you that Bitxi has been added to the CMC since May of this year

1 Million Unique Visitors of the BitXmi Website

Another independent traffic tracking platform SimilarWeb pleases us with its data, which we want to share with you, dear traders.

In April 2020, the site of our exchange was visited by more than 1 million people. Thank you for your interest in our exchange, register on it, and trust your capital to BitXmi.

We also want to note that all visits to our site are attracted only by 100% organic advertising (see below).

Thank you for recommending us and bring other users. Thanks to you, we already have 35,000 Registered Members on the exchange.

The World’s Biggest 1 Million Giveaway for all Traders from Bitxmi!

We at Bitxmi are now offering 1,000,000 coins to give away to the lucky winners. The traders’ interest can register to win; you can provide your real email address on our website. We will notify all the lucky winners’ through email to collect their prizes.

So, summing up, these were some solid reasons to choose Bitxmi as your exchange platform. We at Bitxmi offer you the most secure and high-speed transfer of digital assets. We also provide cold wallets for our traders to store their funds without any risk of hackers attack.

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