BITXMI Know Your Customer (KYC) Rules

23/11/2021 Bitxmi

BTXMI is a Singapore-based crypto exchange with a global operation. The platform boasts of providing convenient cryptocurrency trading services in terms of speed, security, and efficiency. This convenience also extends to the number of coins that are supported on the platform as trading pairs- 40, inclusive of the most famous coins in the digital currency ecosystem.

While there are many desirable elements to BITXMI exchange, at the top of this list is the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol, which is a precautionary provision that works hand in hand with the anti-money laundering policy.

The highlight of BITXMI KYC

The highlight of BITXMI platform’s KYC rules is the withdrawal limit. BITXMI KYC can allow up to 99 BTC worth of USDT per day for all verified platform users. This limit is by far higher than the withdrawal limit offered to non-verified users who only enjoy a daily maximum withdrawal limit of 3 BTC worth of USDT.

Not only that, the KYC verification is also done exceedingly fast courtesy of the platform’s OFast identity verification system. This protocol runs a user’s KYC verification within a few hours of signing up. This is many times faster than other platforms which take as long as a day before users' identities are verified. Despite the record fast KYC processing, the system ensures that every user gets the right KYC protocol.

BITXMI is fully committed to ensuring that the exchange is not used as a shell for the crime. Illegalities such as money laundering, funding of terrorist activities, and generally any action that would bring out the platform as being an enabler for crime have been taken into account with these KYC rules. To this end, BITXMI has structured a very thorough KYC policy, listing the threshold that users must attain before they can use the platform. The KYC policy against crime is also supported by the platform’s AML and CTF policies.

Concluding, BITXMI offers seamless trading for crypto enthusiasts who use the platform. Their services are super easy and security tight and users can start trading immediately without KYC verification. However, to enjoy the high withdrawal limit of 99 BTC, a user must be KYC verified.

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