BITXMI secures listing on Cointiger Exchange!

BITXMI secures listing on Cointiger Exchange

BITXMI is a safe crypto exchange platform serving to simplify the buying, selling, and crypto trading experiences of users. Its native BXMI token is structured to empower the Ethereum protocol and promotes a mutually beneficial relationship for developers and the entire community of users; traders and investors included.

The exchange offers an avenue for the market prediction that is uncontrolled and whose operations are DeFi-based. In BITXMI’s prediction space, users can predict how the market goes and win monetary rewards for successful predictions or lose their stake for incorrect predictions. A prediction market’s price serves as a definite measure of the likelihood of the occurrence of the event in question.

The key features of BITXMI that make it the go-to exchange for its community of users include:

  • A fast KYC that provides top-tier identity verification systems
  • Speedy transactions courtesy of its scalable system infrastructure
  • Simplicity and efficiency of design
  • Safety and security thanks to insured funds
  • Efficiency through speedy asset transfer
  • 24/7 customer support

BITXMI exchange features automated bitcoin contracts that ensure high standards of accuracy, transparency, speedy transactions, security, efficiency, and paperless transactions. Thanks to the automated contracts, the developers are unable to spend funds held in escrow while they are still on contract.

The automated smart contract also holds that developers have no control over how markets resolve, thus making for a completely unbiased system. At the same time, they do not approve or reject trades or any transactions over the network. As such, it is impossible for them to undo trades or modify or cancel placed orders.

Courtesy of its remarkable features and provisions of the BITXMI exchange, its native token #BXMI has earned a listing on the Cointiger exchange set for November 16, 2021. This will give investors a chance to trade their favorite BXMI token on Cointiger exchange, which is popular for providing very reasonably competitive prices. They can also enjoy privileges such as fiat deposits through bank transfers and credit cards.


Although based in Singapore, BITXMI is globally operated and offers fast as well as convenient crypto trading including 140 token pairs most of which are famous cryptocurrencies. The exchange is served by a group of experts striving to provide seamless services. The platform employs a user-centric philosophy with a special focus on providing safe and reliable services.

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