BXMI is listed & trading in Cointiger.

18th Nov’2021 By Team Bitxmi.

BXMI listed and trading in Cointiger

BXMI, the native token for the BITXMI exchange, is the crypto powering every one of BITXMI’s protocols. It features a wide array of benefits to investors and traders alike, especially the ones looking to grow their income from the cryptocurrency marketplace.

BITXMI exchange provides its users with a chance to easily and conveniently transact in BXMI tokens, alongside other altcoins at a competitive rate, while at the same time accepting every established credit card.

Standing as a platform with very competitive fees, BXMI token users are certain to enjoy transacting on Cointiger while getting a good ROI for their BXMI tokens. Beginners and amateurs alike in the crypto space can both benefit from this new listing. Additionally, there are plans for an Airdrop and Trading Competition in the near future. Moving forward, it is going to be easier to buy and sell BXMI tokens on Cointiger


Cointiger is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading platform operating worldwide. The innovative cryptocurrency asset exchange also offers multi-currency and multi-language trading provisions to blockchain users regardless of their physical location in the world, and now BXMI is also listed.

The exchange serves the crypto ecosystem through more than 83 active markets and offers over 70 cryptocurrency pairs. The platform is in the most part an entry-level kind of exchange, with simple to use and understand features that make it ideal for new investors in the crypto space.

Cointiger provides simple spot trading features and plans to integrate developed spot trading and futures contracts. The platform provides an app accessible to Android as well as iOS operating systems. Other than that, the exchange offers security via its two-factor authentication. The system used by the Cointelegraph platform ensures that it is the actual user accessing the account through a private verification code.

The most desirable feature of Cointiger as an exchange is the low trading fees that users can enjoy. The platform requires a 0.15% and 0.8% trading fee for takers and makers respectively. These rates are by far lower compared to other crypto exchanges with the 0.25% average featured across the global space. Cointiger also has a low withdrawal fee of 0.0005 Bitcoin, which compared to the industry’s 0.0008 Bitcoin average, gives Cointiger a competitive advantage.

The listing of BXMI on Cointiger started on November 16, 2021, and is expected to provide users with more opportunities to earn. Credit to its positive performance in the market and the subsequent response it has attracted from traders and investors, BXMI has secured a listing to trade on Cointiger. The token can now be bought, traded or held on Cointiger for a significant return on investment.

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