28/11/202 Team Bitxmi.

CoinGecko has taken up the famous BXMI token to be listed on their website. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bxmi-token This means that from now on, users will be able to follow the various analyses of the token on this avenue. CoinGecko is reputed for providing important analysis of the entire crypto market, and now BXMI token users add to the list of beneficiaries.

CoinGecko is the biggest crypto aggregator in the world with an independent mode of operation. The platform lists more than 6,000 crypto assets that are tracked from 400+ exchanges and now BXMI and BitXmi add to the list. To have merited for this position, BXMI stands a very much worthy token with significant potential for growth hence the CoinGecko’s acceptance to have it listed on their wall.

Among the value provisions, the BXMI token is set to enjoy with its listing on CoinGecko include real-time tracking of elements such as price, volume, and market capitalization. The platform also follows closely with how the token’s user community is growing as well as the developer steps in terms of open-source code development, and on-chain metrics among other developments.

BXMI token users can now see the token’s real-time price, which was $0.708723 at the time of writing. This comes alongside a 24-hour trading volume of $5,710,333. Also featured on CoinGecko, the BXMI token has a 70m circulating supply and stands at 210 million in total supply.

BXMI offers the most affordable transaction fees, including fees for trading and withdrawing on the BitXmi platform. The token has been available for trading on the BitXmi crypto exchange since 22nd August. It has several use cases including the fact that it powers BitXmi crypto exchange. Other applications include paying trading fees on BitXmi, selling for a profit, long-term investment, current low buying and holding price, and its high growth potential on BitXmi, hence good return on investment.

About BitXmi

BitXmi, powered by its native BXMI token, is a centralized digital asset exchange under the ETH blockchain. This confirms its adherence to the ERC20 protocol. The platform provides users with the ideal tools for facilitating a trading experience that is friendly to the user. The platform also provides an NFT collection where users are able to buy, sell, or even bid through their wallets. BXmi NFT specializes in commodities tokenization for both diamond and gold.

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