BXMI listed in CoinPayments


BitXmi Team

BXMI has earned a listing on CoinPayments and is set to provide users with easier and more convenient crypto payment services. BXMI is the native token for the BITXMI cryptocurrency exchange and powers all BITXMI protocols. The token features multiple benefits to be enjoyed by investors and traders alike in their efforts to make the most from the crypto market.


The utility token provides the first investors with the opportunity to become owners of a part of the BITXMI exchange earnings. The platform also offers a discount on trading fees when the native coin is used.

BXMI token has a total supply of 210 million, out of which 70 million are in circulation. With this level of availability, BXMI users are positioned to enjoy full benefits of investing in the token. The platform also provides traders the ideal tools they can use in investing in more than 140 cryptos, and ensures that they enjoy a safe and friendly trading atmosphere. This is regardless of the size of their investment.


CoinPayments serves more than 100,000 merchants worldwide, providing them with real-time international payments alongside processing fees of 0.5%, which is significantly low judging from industry standards.

There are also significantly reduced risks of fraud on the CoinPayments platform as well as no chargeback provisions. The exchange also provides options for fiat conversion so users can trade in their home currencies without any hassle whatsoever.

On a personal note, CoinPayments supports more than one million wallet users, who are all drawn to the platform’s desirable features. It holds over 2,250 cryptos with the ability for crypto conversion and the chance to buy gift cards.

BXMI users can now leverage CoinPayments platform’s worldwide cryptocurrency payment opportunity that has been simplified and made available to all blockchain enthusiasts regardless of the size of their investment.

Among the offerings BXMI utility token users are set to enjoy with its new listing on CoinPayments include a multi-coin wallet with many features on the ready, Global payments that are instant and of low-cost for cryptocurrency transactions, and enhanced peer-to-peer transactions.

Other privileges include auto coin conversion where users can avoid token volatility by swiftly converting coins. CoinPayments also avails cryptocurrency vaults so BXMI token holders can protect their coins by locking them in the vault for as long as they want. Lastly, the auto forward feature provided by the platform will enable BXMI users to automatically send payments to crypto wallets of their choice.

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