Nov 21, 2021

3 min read

BXMI listed in Cryptwerk as payment gateways


BXMI is now listed on Cryptwerk to give token users the chance to take advantage of the many opportunities the platform provides. At the top of the list for the privileges users are set to enjoy is the chance to spend BXMI directly, in the absence of any banking cards or exchanges. And the registration is free.


BXMI is a cryptocurrency and the native token for the Singapore-based BITXMI platform. Featuring more than 140 coin pairs, BITXMI has a global operation and is popular for providing fast and convenient crypto trading services.

The platform’s professional teams, who are also the developers of the BXMI token, progressively strive to achieve seamless and uninterrupted operation of the token and the exchange at large. To this effect, BITXMI takes a user-oriented philosophy of operation where security and reliability are prioritized.

Among the key features of BITXMI include fee rebates for users engaging in high volume trades, insured funds, a daily trading limit of 3 BTC for new users and 99 BTC for verified traders, and speedy API protocols structured for uninterrupted trading. The platform also supports a fast and reliable order matching structure where buys and sells are combined.


Cryptwerk is a virtual directory supporting services related to companies, websites, and retailers alike that users can pay through BTC and other established cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Monero available, and now BXMI joins the list of available cryptocurrencies.

As an exchange, Cryptwerk is value-adding for users interested in spending crypto directly without having to use exchanges or banking cards. Additionally, no registration fee is required.

There are several privileges that BXMI token users are now set to enjoy with its listing on Cryptwerk. These include:

Reliable data for all services featured on the platform’s catalog, convenient search wherein users can search through the names, hashtags, categories, cryptos, and even descriptions to get what they want. There is also access to sufficient information with social media links and widgets that conform to individual searches.

Users also enjoy unique crypto analytics that will prove useful in informing their trades, alongside the reviews and feedback from both customers and the platform itself to help in your decision-making process.

With BXMI now on Cryptwerk, users can pay for any kind of goods or services in their everyday life. These include online and offline services, gaming, business services, web marketing and development, tourism, traveling, and renting, and other crypto-related services.