Coin List: BitXmi The Best Exchange to Run Token Sale

Sunny Jain July 26, 2020


Coin List: BitXmi The Best Exchange to Run Token Sale

Coin List is a platform for all the digital asset companies to run their token sale. People can find out the best coins from the top digital assets companies in the world. Acting as a centre for digital assets and Blockchain ecosystem, BitXmi is the 1st Indian exchanges to feature in Coin List. You can find BitXmi in the Initial Coin Offering List of Coin List. BXMI is the own digital currency of BitXmi; the token offers you numerous benefits like bonuses, redeemed trading fees, and many more. So, if you are looking for Tokens in Coin List, here are some top reasons to choose BXMI.

BXMI is a coin for BitXmi:

If you think Binance, Bitfinex, and Okex are top digital currencies, you might not have invested in BXMI. BXMI is the 1st token to feature in Indian Coin Price List of Coin Lists. It has made BXMI accessible to all the crypto traders. Millions of crypto traders from India and other parts are eager to participate in Coin List’s token sale. All the Crypto traders can now possess BXMI at the token sale of BitXmi.

Reasons to choose BXMI in the Token sale at Coin List:

a) Reduced charges:

One of the essential reasons to choose BXMI at the Token sale in Coin List is reduced charges. The traders who will own BXMI tokens will get an exclusive exemption from the platform fees and services. If you hold more tokens, you can obtain more discounts on the platform fees.

b) Redeemable for trading fees:

You can use the BXMI token to pay as trading fees. It is one of the best features that any digital asset company will offer you. The Crypto traders who hold the maximum number BXMI tokens at token sale can use it as trading fees to trade cryptocurrency.

c) 12% Bonus per annum:

If you want to avail this bonus, you should participate in the token sale of BitXmi. BitXmi team offers you a 12% annual bonus to the 1st owners of BXMI tokens at the token sale. Based on the documents, 12% of the annual revenue is given to the 1st owners of the token sale.

d) You can use it at both offline and online outlets:

Every trader wants a digital currency that is accessible to buy in online and offline wallets. Most of them end up finding a coin that is only usable at online outlets. Well, now it’s time to find a coin in Coin List that is payable both at online and offline outlets. Tokens offered by BitXmi at the token sale are payable both at offline and online outlets. The traders possessing the digital currency can use it for various businesses.

e) Low Coin supply:

The total amount of coins to be supplied at the token sale will be 210 Million. Out of which only 70 million will be in circulation. That means the traders who buy BXMI at token sale in Coin List will get maximum benefits. A limited supply of coins is one of the major reasons that make it the most prominent coin.

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