Ertoken will be Available to Trade from Wednesday

Kataryna Kovtun June 8, 2020


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New Ertoken will start listing on the Bitxmi crypto exchange from Wednesday, 10th June.

All traders join us right now and start to earn money with BitXmi!

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About Ertoken

Ertoken Is A Token That Can Be Used As A Media For Promoting Your Business That Can Be Known And Reached By People Around The World. It Comes By Providing A Platform That Is Easy To Use For Everyone, Provides Fairness And Security In Transactions And Finds Business Partners In Just One Ertoken Platform.


It Will Is Used By All People In The World Because All Businesses Need Media To Introduce Your Business To Communities Around The World


Ertoken Is A Platform Where We Can Bring Together Creators Or Service Makers With Seekers Or Buyers Of Services.


It Can Provide Convenience To All Levels Of Society In Finding And Offering The Services They Have.

Real And Security

Ertertoken Can Function As An Escrow Where The Seller And Buyer Will Be Protected And Eliminate The Feeling Of Anxiety Because Of Their Mutual Acquaintances So That Each Transaction Will Be Safe Under The Token Platform.

The Developer

Provides A Place For Service Creators To Offer Or Develop Their Capabilities Without Worrying About Finding Markets.


It Is An Extension Of Advertiser Token Which Means Advertiser Token. There Are Various Benefits In The Creation Of Ertoken Other Than As An Advertiser, Namely As Payment, Voting, Trade, Prizes, And The Platform Itself.

Long Live

It Will Burn Every Month As A Way To Keep Prices Stable And Will Continue To Increase In Value Over Time.

Token Details

Name: Advertiser token

Symbol: Ertoken

Total supply: 100.000.000

Type: Erc-20

Decimal: 18

Contract address: 0xac8efdec3c1fa73723201bcdf81ccae14e760e15



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