Everything You Need To Know About IEO Listing in 2020

Sunny Jain August 19, 2020


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IEO Listing — A Complete Guide, and Its Advantages

IEO listing is one of the much talked about aspects occurring in the crypto arena in present times. Those who are unaware of the IEO meaning is very much apparent through its name only. In contrast to ICO, IEO or Initial Exchange Offering takes place over crypto exchange platform. IEO is managed by a crypto exchange for the concerned company aiming at fundraising through the recently released tokens.

As the sale of token occurs over IEO exchange, the coins can be found after the offering is over. Exchanges ask for a specific percentage of token that is traded by the concerned company. IEO participants make their account over the specific exchange platform where IEO takes place. Through coins, the contributors can monetize their exchange wallet. There is also the way available to make use of funding for buying token of the particular company.

With more number of exchanges adapting IEO, the popularity of IEO is obvious to grow. Several people enquiring about IEO, meaning crypto have significantly increased. Anyway, it is always considered more important to check IEO listing of renowned platforms before preparing strategies.

How to find the best Cryptocurrency Exchange launching the IEO?

IEO crypto exchange platform comes up with its norms for accepting IEO. The most prominent ones, though, revolve around the listing. On some occasions, the rules of the platforms don’t work well with the tokens. In other cases, the charges are not satisfactory. This can be claimed as the prime reason behind experts emphasizing on having multiple options. It’s a better idea to take help of the expert IEO listing service. One may go through the terms of each exchange platform for coming out with the best match.

IEO Listing: How to get registered and approved.

A lot of confusion appears when it comes to finding the right platform regarding getting approval with IEO Exchanges. In this context, most people compare between IEO Binance and Bitxmi. It can be indeed claimed that Bitxmi is a swifter and much more comfortable option available. One can apply for IEO on BitXmi in following ways.

  • One may simply visit the list IEO section and find a button to fill in the IEO application. Post filling details team members of BitXmi contact for further steps.
  • One may directly mail them to connect with IEO manager.
  • Also, one may simply provide details like Telegram ID, project name, mail, etc. in a feedback window to apply for IEO. There are no hassles as of the IEO crypto-list exchanges asking for up-front charges for listing in this.


Undoubtedly the cryptocurrency was getting bigger and evolved. And, IEO can be claimed to be having a significant role behind this. More people are shifting towards IEO from ICO. This is the reason it is suggested that one must develop and introduce its own initial Exchange Offering. It can be useful in terms of fundraising for crypto projects. To be specific, growing IEO market makes it more interesting for start-ups.

One of the most significant advantages of IEO is the simplicity of the process. Not just the start-up owners, it makes things simple for the developers as well. The level of risks associated with fraud is also quite nominal. As they ask for thoroughly filled KYC, utmost transparency is maintained. The threats of scams are lowered on exchanges, and thus the profitable contracts can’t be put into danger. At the same time, they offer a vast range of options for the customers. One can have a vast range of coins for fresh or budding customers. The traders thus can expect greater flexibility and freedom as well, with superior level transparency being maintained.

Above all, IEOs are conducted over highly renowned exchange platforms with thousands of users over the globe. Platforms doing trading at such massive volume are apparent to be moiré reliable. In short, other than creating accounts on exchanges, there is absolutely no issue in case of IEO.

Start-ups indeed find IEO launching much significant in comparison to the exchange platforms. In the case of ICO, they had to handle everything of their own. Companies for fundraising, in general, have to pay for listing and an amount of the token. The exchange helps them in marketing.

Thus the start-ups establishing their IEOs want a nominal budget for marketing, upon comparing with ICO. Most importantly, issuers of a token can also make the most of the established customer base of the exchange. Through this, they manage to raise more significant funds for their project.

c) Finding the most significant platform

Overall, IEO is indeed one of the many secured and productive options in comparison to ICO. IEO crypto 2020 has been quite encouraging. The charge for token sales is justified for the start-ups. Exchanges mostly ask for a slashing of some percentage from their token of their associated fundraising company. Considering IEO is much new, it gets tough for start-ups to find the best platform for a trading fee. One should thus go with platforms like Bitxmi to expect greater relaxation in terms of price.

Those in the lookout of the IEO Exchanges platform demanding minimal trading fee can find Bitxmi a great option. It holds immense popularity as a nominal trading fee platform with 88 coins and 144 pairs. Interestingly, BitXmi accepts most new tokens. One can explore this platform, IEO crypto list from anywhere, at any time.

It is the first of its kind platform to have a safety plan. They hold an excellent reputation regarding addressing the safety aspect of each project with an advancing market. Being the experienced contenders with massive 200+ IEO sessions, they have the most significant security plan that remains apparent for entire IEO projects launched over the platform. Interesting here is to note that one can get BXMI token of around $10 post completion of first trade after joining BitXmi.

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