HIZ coin listing on BitXmi from 18th November`20

Kataryna Habeliia November 16, 2020


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HIZ coin listing on BitXmi from 18th November`20

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The team of the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange is working every day to improve the work of our exchange and list new tokens. Today we will tell you about a promising new project HIZ Finance and their native token HIZ Coin.

What is HIZ Finance?

HIZ Finance is a technology dedicated to financial services that are fast, smart, and transparent, accessible to everyone.

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HIZ Finance was created to bring hosting providers and shoppers together on one platform. They provide services for all users to purchase the most secure hosting. Every customer who purchases hosting and domain through the HIZ Finance platform receives a guaranteed bonus. You can get it by filling out a reward application. If the data is valid, the buyer can receive a reward in HIZ tokens to their wallet. Tokens can be sold or traded either on the BitXmi exchange from November 18th.

HIZ Coin Details:

Buyers can be rewarded in the form of HIZ tokens, which you can receive after a successful hosting purchase transaction.



Type: ERC-20

Blockchain: Etherium

Total supply: 160594

The total supply is 160594 but in circulation only 16,059. The rest remain in a lock for 2 years.

Contacts of the Project:

Website: https://www.hizfinance.com

Email: hizfinanceofficial@gmail.com

Telegram group: http://t.me/hizfinance

Telegram chanel: http://t.me/hizfinance_anouncement

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiz_finance

Medium: https://medium.com/@hizfinanceofficia

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiz-finance-339a931b8

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