How to Find Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2020

Sunny Jain August 8, 2020


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Cryptocurrency or BTC Exchange: Important Factors & Aspects

There are several Cryptocurrency or BTC Exchange sites that you need to look up for availing the trading services. But picking the right one is always challenging as you need to ensure your profit. Do not get lured to the wrong platforms that would eventually lead you to potential losses and waste efforts.

Therefore, you need to choose the right Cryptocurrency Exchange site to meet the diverse trading requirements and ensure profit outcomes.

For a better choice of options, you can first decide on the right Crypto Exchange aspects. You need to know whether you want a long-term trading or just frequent position changes on regular aspects.

The right platform will eventually help users easily sell or buy cryptocurrencies. One such example is Bitcoin; it allows you to sell, buy, trade, or Exchange Bitcoin. Moreover, it also comes with the wallet to help you store it for the long term or frequent trading aspects.

In this article, you will know about some of the essential areas to look while expecting International cryptocurrency Exchange. This will help you make a better decision on choosing the right platform for your bitcoin and other Crypto trading aspects.

Following that, you will also find the important factors to look upon before deciding on the right Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Follow this article till the end to get all internal details to choose the best.

Important Areas to Look at For Cryptocurrency or BTC Exchange

Here are some of the important aspects that will help you understand the true ideology of BTC to ETH exchange, ETH to BTC exchange, or other such trading exchanges with cryptocurrency.

a) AML or KYC Aspects

There are several different laws followed by different Crypto Exchange sites. This depends upon the offerings, practices, and locations of the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ETH, or others. For some of the exchanges, they demand KYC or AML practices. KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML (Anti-Money Laundering) practices are proposed to request the users to submit some of their personal information that is required mandatorily for the account creation and exchange accessibility.

These requirements are not fixed and can change based upon the type of Exchanges. There are many different types of Cryptocurrency Exchange sites that use different practices to impose limitations or accessibility criteria for account creation and other attributes.

Without these validation practices, the Cryptocurrency Exchange platform will ban you even in the residing countries without a second thought.

b) Consider the Reputation of The Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Cryptocurrency is a large industry and is new and is gaining a reputation in the market. The reputation of the Crypto Coin Exchange sites is highly essential for consideration before putting your interest in it. This is because many exchange sites have resulted in hacks, scams, nefarious activities, and others.

These situations will leave the users in no ideal position to exchange again. Therefore, it is essential for you to emphasize on research processes.

Before you Exchange Cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that you do proper research on all aspects of the platform to ensure that it is highly reputed. Search them on Google and acquire information on every Exchange website you plan on investing on.

You can also take a look at all the social media platforms to know more about the particular exchange platform. The purpose of checking social media is that you need to know if any complaints have been put up by past users.

Referring to that, you will know about the efficacy of Coin Market Exchange over those platforms. Moreover, you can also look for the detailed terms and conditions of all Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms to make sure that there is nothing suspicious in it. This will clear your path to give interest on the site offering best Bitcoin Exchange USA.

Consider the Security Aspects of the Crypto Exchange Sites

Almost all types of top Cryptocurrency Exchange offer high-end security to help you keep your investments and trading practices safe. You need to ensure whether the exchange site you prefer for the trading solutions is offering two-step authentication or not.

This is an important factor without which the exchange is not recommended to commence. Today’s security standard demands at least this much security aspect on the Crypto Exchange India sites.

In addition to the two-step authentication, you also need to make sure whether it is compatible with Google Authenticator or not. With this, you can ensure better security for your BTC Exchange India and all other Crypto exchange aspects.

There are several security measures defined for different exchange sites that you need to look after before you invest or show interest on any of the popular exchange sites.

Some other security aspects that are essential for consideration are SSL Site Security Certificate, Cold storage wallets, multi-signature authorization for safe withdrawal, and hardware wallet protection. These security aspects are meant to offer high-end trading experiences to users worldwide.

These security aspects are not available with all the Exchange platforms. So, you need to impose deep research before you could judge the security aspects of any of the Crypto exchange platforms.

Consider the Insurance Fund availability

One also needs to come up with some of the best Bitcoin Currency exchange sites that offer insurance fund. Not all the cryptocurrency exchange sites offer the same. So, you need to take a look at the specifications of all the cryptocurrency exchange sites for the availability of insurance funds.

This is to ensure that the customers or the traders will get some kind of compensation in case of certain failure circumstances while dealing with Bitcoin gold exchange or Crypto exchange.

Most of the top Crypto exchange sites are covered with the FDIC that ensures protection to some founds of the customers who are putting money on Bitcoin exchange or another cryptocurrency trading.

Consider the Different Asset Prices

Asset prices are considered one of the essential factors before you choose any of the top Crypto exchange sites. This factor is different for multiple exchange sites, and you need to find the ideal one that matches your needs and requirements.

It means that the price of the Crypto assets differs due to the lower or higher demand of it in separate locations. The volume and the demand vary that creates a difference in the pricing. So, one needs to consider the asset prices of almost all cryptocurrency exchange India platform to ensure profitable outcomes.

The asset selection also depends upon exchange offers. Various digital asses such as Litecoin, ETC, Bitcoin, and others are highly popular and are easily available over most of the exchange platforms.

Therefore, considering the available options over the site is also essential before you could finalize on a platform. Most of the best coin exchange sites do have several options for small and big coins for trading. So, this is yet another important thing to look at while choosing the assets.

Different Factors to Look for While Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Sites

Apart from the areas mentioned above, there are certain factors as well that you need to consider before you can choose the best India cryptocurrency exchange for your diverse trading needs. Consider the below-mentioned factors for even more seamless choice of cryptocurrency exchange sites:

a) Availability in your country

Not all the cryptocurrency exchange platforms are available for worldwide trading. So, you need to make sure that the one you choose is available for your country. There are many financial regulations that puta an impact on the cryptocurrency market.

This is one of the prime factors based on which the top 10 Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are decided every year. Some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are Paxful, Unocoin, Zebpay, Giottus, Coinswtich, and others.

Keeping this aside, the regional factor is really essential to consider as the exchange sites will not allow you to trade in different countries other than the ones on which the exchange sites are based. Therefore, do your research and make sure that you choose the right cryptocurrency exchange API platform.

b) Trading Fees

You need to take a look at the trading price that is charged by the exchange platforms for their offerings. You can buy with exchange platforms to ensure that you save a considerable amount of money. There is a specific fee that you need to pay for every time you sell, trade, or buy the cryptocurrency from the exchange platform.

For the daily traders, it is a profitable factor to consider that will help them make a difference in their profitable outputs. Look for the platform that takes the least fees and prefer trading or selling over it for better outcomes.

c) Cryptocurrency Availability

Before choosing the right one coin exchange site, you need to consider the availability of options with the site. There must be several digital assets available for buying, selling, or trading to help the users select the right currencies on their site. Moreover, liquidity is also an important factor that must fill orders over the platform.

This ensures a high reputation of the ex-exchange sites or platforms that can be then availed for Crypto trading and other such aspects. With different options available for choice, one will eventually invest in the right coin to experience profitable outcomes in the long run.


These are a few of the aspects that you need to consider before you choose any of the cryptocurrency for trading, buying, or selling over different exchange sites. Even though you have made up your mind for the digital currency that you want to trade with, take your time to choose the right exchange site to help you deal with right factors of trading, buying, or selling.

It might be a tough choice to make if you are a beginner. So, plan on buying Bitcoin, ETH, or any other crypto coins only after considering all the above factors.

It will eventually ensure that the exchange platforms are legit and safe for you to trade on it. There are many such fraudulent sites that have resulted in a financial loss for many Crypto traders.

So, to keep you safe, here are all the detailed aspects of the different areas of Crypto exchange sites mentioned clearly to help you choose and invest on the right platform or site.

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