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Kataryna Kovtun June 12, 2020

Since the beginning of the opening of our exchange from 21 January 2020, the BitXmi team has been working every day to add new features for even faster, more convenient, and safe trading. Thanks to you, dear traders, we know that we are doing this work for good reason. Trading volumes on the exchange are growing every day. Thank you for actively participating in our Airdrops, follow the cryptocurrency world with us at, and subscribe to us on social networks. In this article, we want to share our successes with you, and invite all our traders to participate in the biggest Giveaway of Summer 2020.

Lowest Trading Fees

You all know that the main earnings for cryptocurrency exchanges are commissions for transactions, commissions for deposits, and for withdrawing funds. As a rule, the higher volume of trading on the crypto exchange, the lower the commission costs. But from the very beginning, we set ourselves the goal of becoming The lowest trading fees exchange of the world.

Our trading fees will always be 0.1% of the transaction, regardless of volume. No Deposit Fees.

Withdrawal fees — 0.25% for all coins.

Your funds are insured on our exchange.

Listing on CoinMarketCap

Another reason for us to pride is listing on CoinMarketCap. CMC is an independent and trusted source of information about cryptocurrency rates, their market capitalization, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges. Almost all cryptocurrencies existing in the world (built on the blockchain and having open source code) are presented on the CoinMarketCap service.

CoinMarketCap does not collaborate with teams and developers. Only verified exchanges selected by CMC staff are added there. We are pleased to inform you that Bitxi has been added to the CMC since May of this year

1 Million Unique Visitors of the BitXmi Website

Another independent traffic tracking platform SimilarWeb pleases us with its data, which we want to share with you, dear traders.

In April 2020, the site of our exchange was visited by more than 1 million people. Thank you for your interest in our exchange, register on it, and trust your capital to BitXmi.

We also want to note that all visits to our site are attracted only by 100% organic advertising (see below).

Thank you for recommending us and bring other users. Thanks to you, we already have 35,000 Registered Members on the exchange

The World’s Biggest 1 Million Giveaway for all Traders from Bitxmi!

In gratitude to all traders who chose our cryptocurrency exchange for trading, who recommend it to their friends, and to people who are still in search of their ideal exchange, we arrange the largest Giveaway of Summer 2020.

More than 50 winners!

Registration is open for our Giveaway with 1 Million BXMI tokens. There will be a lot of winners, do not miss your chance. Follow the link and register.

Read more about participation here:

BXMI is the native token of our cryptocurrency exchange. For owners of BXMI tokens, many bonuses are intended. For example, BXMI token holders would have the ability to pay platform fees with BXMI.

More about bonuses here:

BXMI tokens will be available for trading from 22nd August paired with USDT.






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Thank you for being with us! You will find many pleasant surprises together with BitXmi!

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