NIRX Trading Competition Will Start on 31th May

Kataryna Kovtun May 28, 2020


NIRX trading competition will open on the BitXmi crypto exchange. This exclusive event is open to all global crypto traders. 90,000 NIRX will be shared among the 3 TOP traders based on the highest real transaction volume.

Winners Will Receive:

1st Place — 45,000 NIRX

2nd Place — 30,000 NIRX

3rd Place — 15,000 NIRX

How To Participate in NIRX Trading Competition?

1. Register on;

2. Complete KYC;

3. Fund your account with USDT;

4. Buy NIRX and trade from 31th May to 14th June.

The event will run over 14 days. At the end of the competition, traders will be ranked by the largest generated trading volume.


  • The lowest minimum tradeable volume is capped at 75,000 NIRX;
  • Trading Volume = Purchase Volume + Sell Volume;
  • KYC verification is required;
  • Wash trades will not be considered;
  • Winnings will be awarded 7 days after the event;
  • The final rights to disclose the results belong to the BitXmi exchange.

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