Peace Token Will Start Listing on BitXmi from 5th June

Kataryna Kovtun May 29, 2020


We are pleased to inform you that our list of cryptocurrencies will soon be replenished with a new Peace Token. The listing will start from 5th June on the BitXmi crypto exchange.

About Peace Project

Peace token is the Leading Ethereum based Blockchain of Digital Creation. Peace applies blockchain technology in
creating and sharing in the new value. It is an ERC — 20 based token and the system in the form of our utility token. Peace is introducing a new way of blockchain with a Growth Spirit and challenging spirit, and the service also helps to build a Charity fund.

The main theme of this project is Peace that’s why the project name is Peace, The goal of Peace is a stable position on the market. This stable position will help our buyers and sellers to grow their position. Peace’s main goal is to develop the cryptocurrency position and build up the charity fund. Peace Charity fund will provide many facilities like Education, Clinic, and others for Underprivileged People. The 20% of Project success will go to the peace charity fund.

Token Details

Name: Peace Token
Symbol: PCT
Decimal: 18
Supply: 200,000,000 PCT
Price: 0.21 USD/PCT
Contract Address: 0xcCa0970D69d34Ce4cA67Ec870B2b084c5792A2a4






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