Shelley Cardano — a Huge Leap for Cryptocurrencies

Kataryna Kovtun June 29, 2020


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Since the creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, announced the roadmap for the long-awaited Shelley update, the price of ADA has attracted the attention of the crypto community.

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It is expected that the update will be launched in less than two weeks. This will move the Cardano ecosystem from a centralized network to a fully decentralized one.

The developers of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), which develops the Cardano blockchain, have been working on the Shelley code base for several years. This update was named one of the most remarkable transitions in the cryptocurrency community, which was recently confirmed by Weiss rating agency.

On June 27, Shelley was presented on Weiss Crypto Ratings as a small step for IOHK and a “giant leap” for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As promised by Charles Hoskinson, in two weeks the Cardano network will be able to process up to 1000 transactions per second. He added that this year the blockchain with a smart contract will technologically surpass blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency platforms.

This year, the industry will see at Cardano the best cryptocurrency in the world. There really will be nothing better on the market than our project.

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