Telegram Will Сlose TON by August 2020

Kataryna Kovtun July 7, 2020


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Even though Telegram stopped working on its blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON), in May 2020, the TON network continued to work.

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In an official statement from July 6, the TON developer group announced that it would stop supporting the network. The remaining Telegram Open Network validators will be disabled on 1 August. The official TON representative recommended that the network participants save all their data and stop the test.

Although Telegram Open Network will be disconnected in less than a month, participants can continue their experiments after disconnecting the test network. To do this, they will need to install their validators, which are described in more detail in three different practical documents — Full Node, Validator, and Test Grams.

About Telegram Open Network

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The TON test network was launched on September 6, 2019, and interaction with it was provided through a special explorer and software for nodes. In anticipation of the launch, scheduled for October 31, 2019, the company released an alpha version of the iOS wallet, which allowed operations with the Gram token. However, the company was not able to fully realize its plans, as in mid-October the US SEC obtained in court recognition of $ 1.7 billion by Telegram ICO illegal.

After a lengthy lawsuit with the US SEC, Telegram agreed to close the Telegram Open Network project and return $ 1.2 billion to investors following a final court decision. Read more about it here.

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