The Latest Victims of Crypto-ransomware

Kataryna Kovtun August 6, 2020


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In this article, we will tell you about the latest hacks of popular companies by crypto-ransomware

Canon fell victim to cryptocurrency ransomware

On July 30, Canon’s cloud servers were attacked by a ransomware virus. Hackers extort cryptocurrency under the threat of publishing user data.

According to Bleeping Computer, the attack affected Canon’s email, Microsoft Teams platform, the corporation’s US website, and other internal applications. In total, the virus affected 24 domains associated with the company.

The encrypted data turned out to be 10 terabytes of data, photographs, and other important documents of users.

*Message from ransomware

If Canon does not comply with the terms of the attackers within seven days, they threaten to publish all files on the Internet.

The ransom amount and the number of encrypted devices were not specified.

Initially, the publication suggested that the attack was organized by the hacker group Maze. However, its representatives denied their involvement.

Unknown person extorted bitcoins from Telegram channels

The latest victim of crypto-ransomware was the well-known Telegram messenger. Administrators of several channels in the Telegram messenger, writing on economic and political topics, received a letter from an unknown person demanding a ransom in cryptocurrency. This is reported by the Telegram channel “Something like this.”

The extortionist claims that he allegedly possesses information about cheating subscribers on the channel and threatens to transfer “screenshots and videos” to “one serious publication.” He demands to pay him 0.5 BTC before tomorrow noon.

«We see this as a new shady business: extortionists themselves wind up subscribers/views to victim channels, and then come with “proof” and demand money», — the authors suggested, “Somehow like this”.

Since August 4, the total count of the number of views of the post in Telegram is displayed only on the primary channel. The channel that repost shows only its views. Due to bots, the actual number of views on a channel with a supposedly large number of subscribers can differ significantly.

Other crimes by crypto-ransomware

Earlier, a multimillion-dollar ransom for decrypting files was paid by the manufacturer of smartwatches Garmin.

The attackers attacked the company’s internal infrastructure with the WastedLocker ransomware virus and demanded $ 10 million in cryptocurrency.

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