The Launch of BXMI IEO Starts Today

Kataryna Kovtun July 28, 2020


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The team of the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange has been preparing for this day for a long time, and now it has finally come! BXMI tokens are already available for purchase at the lowest price — 0.1 USDT!

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Why should you choose our exchange?

BitXmi is known for its seamless and smooth exchanges. The very 1st philosophy of the exchange platform is to offer security and reliability in exchanging any coins. Besides, there are many more advantages that include:

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  • Free rebates: BitXmi offers free rebates for the high volume traders, especially for the whales. If you are looking where to trade a higher volume of Crypto, you must exchange it at BitXmi.
  • High Daily Withdrawal Limits: Bitxmi offers you a whooping daily withdrawal limit of 99 BTC for the verified users, new traders can withdraw up to 3 BTC per day.
  • Cold wallets: Not over yet! BitXmi offers you the most secured cold wallets to store your cryptocurrencies. All your funds are secure in the cold wallets.
  • Quick order matching: BitXmi offers you a quick and efficient order matching system. It notifies you about quick transactions.
  • API protocols for smooth trading: BitXmi offers you faster API protocols that are only for smooth trading of the Crypto.
  • Multilingual support: BitXmi also has multilingual support, which means language is not a barrier for trading. People from a diverse community can join trade cryptocurrencies smoothly.
  • Security: It is an essential priority at BitXmi. The exchange you make includes various security measures to keep your funds insured.

For BXMI token holders:

BitXmi has one of the most profitable bonus systems. Thanks to all the token owners. The holders would be able to invest profitably and receive passive profits. BitXmi is one of the growing exchange platforms. It presents quick and accessible crypto trading. Its digital currency revolutionary as well.


  • Reduced charges
  • Can be redeemed for trading fees
  • 12% bonus every year
  • It can be used to buy online and offline outlets

Read more about the benefits in our previous article:

How to buy BXMI tokens?

There are two ways to quickly buy a BXMI token right now:

First way:

Go to our IEO website:

Scroll down the page and find the “Buy BXMI” area

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Second way:

Go to the website of our exchange: Find the “IEO“ tab in the upper left corner:

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You are taken to the page for a quick purchase of tokens. Click “Exchange now

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Participate in the project needs to consume: 0.1 USDT. Top up your balance with the desired amount through the “Buy Crypto” area. Read more on how to buy cryptocurrency using credit and debit cards here.

Personal purchase limit — 100–20000000 USDT.

Multiply your capital easily and safely with BitXmi!

Join Bitxmi Exchange and get $10 worth of BXMI token after your first trade

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