TOU & NFX Token Will Be Available To Trade From 15th June


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We are glad to inform you that TOU token will be available for trading on the BitXmi Crypto exchange from 15th June.

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What Allows To Do TOU Token?


It`s a booking platform using blockchain technology. Anyone in the world can book through his browser using Metamask Wallet and pay with TOU payment.


Buy anything by TOU payment.


You can trade TOU tokens with other cryptocurrencies on our exchange from 15th June.


Get a reward when you book with the world’s largest booking platforms.


Connect your website with TOU payment tool


Instant crypto checkout, advanced buttons, invoice builder, and API.


Depositing, withdrawing, paying, and more.


Project website:

Contract address: 0x1e29ca8c874b4dff828297cc2e9856819eea0933




Nimfex Token Will Start to List From 15th June

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We continue to work on improving our exchange every day. Today would be happy to inform you about another token listing on the Bitxmi crypto exchange. Nimfex (NFX) token will be available to trade from 15th June for traders all over the world.

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Nimfex Token Project

Nimfex is the next-generation digital payment system. NFX Token is digital cash that uses peer to peer technology to settle all its transactions on the ethereum blockchain network. Self Governance and Decentralized, Nimfex Is also a Utility, serving as a Native token used to reduce tax fee, store of value, Nimfex allows you to make payment online when buying products or paying for copyright document in order not to be copied and sold out to people.


NFX Token allows customers to crave convenience. Our research revealed the top reasons consumers prefer online shopping include better prices, selection, and shorter shopping times in addition to better product information being available online. Nimfex Token is the online platform that gives you access to Blockchain using our token to buy products on our online store.


It encompasses your web presence, communications, and products. People purchase products because of a story, an emotional connection they feel with a brand. As e-commerce owners and managers, building a powerful and engaging online brand is our most important work.

App Development

Our Application will commence when everything is being set up. Apps are computer programs that can run on your mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet. They can also run through on other devices, including desktop computers and laptops with a web browser.

Nimfex Token Details

Token Name: Nimfex Token

Token Symbol: NFX

Decimals: 18



Contact Address: 0x19f3e6521f73a0184cc171c8ccbe1e21f93f4b3b



BitXmi Contacts





Live Coin Watch:


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