TOU Token Will Be Available To Trade From 15th June

Kataryna Kovtun June 1, 2020

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We are glad to inform you that TOU token will be available for trading on the BitXmi Crypto exchange from 15th June.

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What Allows To Do TOU Token?


It`s a booking platform using blockchain technology. Anyone in the world can book through his browser using Metamask Wallet and pay with TOU payment.


Buy anything by TOU payment.


You can trade TOU tokens with other cryptocurrencies on our exchange from 15th June.


Get a reward when you book with the world’s largest booking platforms.


Connect your website with TOU payment tool


Instant crypto checkout, advanced buttons, invoice builder, and API.


Depositing, withdrawing, paying, and more.


Project website:

Contract address: 0x1e29ca8c874b4dff828297cc2e9856819eea0933




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