Trade Matic on BitXmi from 21st August

Kataryna Kovtun August 21, 2020


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We are pleased to inform you about Matic token listing from 21st August.

The token is already available for trading against USDT and BTC on the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange.

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About The Network

The Matic Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

We aim to change that by simplifying the interaction between users and the decentralized world. We want to make interacting with the decentralized ecosystem so easy that anyone can do so without worrying about the complexity of the system.

The issues of slow block confirmations and high gas fees need to be solved before we target mass adoption by mainstream users. And most importantly, it needs awesome user experience.



Scalability is realized by using a decentralized Plasma operator mechanism with finality achieved on the main chain.

High Throughput

Can scale to millions of transactions on a sidechain tree architecture. Up to 65k transactions/second on a single Matic chain.

User Experience

Smooth UX abstraction from mainchain to the chain. Native mobile apps and SDK with WalletConnect support.


The Matic chain(s) operators are themselves Stakers and Delegates in a Proof-of-Stake system in the Network.

Asset Interoperability

Assets on different sidechains across various blockchains will be made inter-operable by Network soon.

One-Stop DeFi Platform

Multiple protocols enabling extensive decentralized finance applications can be hosted on Sidechains.


Official website:




Join Bitxmi Exchange and get $10 worth of BXMI token after your first trade

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