What Is GDP?- Here’s Everything You Need To Know In 2020

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Sajan Walia April 12, 2020


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In an era of economic importance, terms like GDP have become household. However, the term is often depicted in an exaggeratedly complex way. To understand what is GDP in the simplest words, it is the cumulative financial or market worth of the entire finished product services produced within the fences of a nation, within a particular time frame. In short, it is the value in terms of money, of everything produced in a nation, within a period of time.GDP determines the overall economic state of the nation. This is what is GDP means to be understood in a generalized way.

However, there is a significant difference between what GDP means and the calculation of it. While calculating, one must take the entire consumption, investments, expenses, as well as the trade balance, into account.

What Is GDP Growth Rate?

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Wondering What is GDP growth rate? Well, It is the calculation of how swiftly a nation’s economy grows. It’s primarily a comparative analysis of the gross production of a nation in one quarter, with that of the earlier quarter. Based on the growth rate calculations, the government takes the requisite decision regarding the investments required In the areas of recession. It matters most during recession days as the government identifies the areas requiring more investments.

GDP and GDP Growth Rate of Several Nations

Talking about the GDP growth rate of India, it was 6.8%, 7.2%, 8.2%, and 4.7% respectively in different quarters of the year 2019. In the early quarter of the year 2020, the growth rate can reach 6.5%, rising from 4.7% in the past quarter. India’s GDP was $3.202 trillion in the year 2019.

Coming to the GDP of Pakistan, it is a 283.3 billion USD nation (as of June 2019). Talking about the most powerful nation, the US, it is also the foremost nation in terms of economy, or GDP. US GDP was $21,427,100 million in the year 2019. It remained at the top in the list of 196 nations.

It is here to mention that the overall GDP of the US witnessed a growth of $846,900 million in comparison to 2018. Among Asian nations, other than India, Japan is a prominent economy. Japan’s GDP was $1,035,136 million in the fourth quarter of the year2019. Through the process, Japan remained at number two position in terms of its quarterly GDP in the year.

As discussed above, in an era of economic prominence, GDP is an important term. It’s a different aspect that some people are still in confusion about the terms. Such people can get it better upon comprehending the full form of GDP itself. It is here to note that, the full form of GDP is Gross Domestic Product, which is the value in terms of money of the entire commodity produced in a nation, within a specific period of time.

What Is GDP Per Capita?

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  • It Holds More Relevance for a Common Man

Though all eyes mostly remain upon the GDP numbers, GDP per capital rather holds more importance from the perspectives of a common man. It is also true that many reports surface based on what is GDP in India, but very few focus on GDP per capita, which is equally relevant.

GDP per capita primarily is the calculation of a nation’s economic production meant for the total population of the nation. Mathematically, it is the division of the total native production with the total population of the nation. It matters the most as it primarily indicates the standard of living of the citizens of the specific nation.

India is a prominent nation in the world in terms of the economy; it’s per capita income often remains under the scanner. Talking about GDP per capita India, it touched 2,044.586 USD in March of the year 2019. In comparison, it was at 2,018.685 USD in March of the year 2018. It is here to note that the GDP per capita income is calculated annually.

  • What Reports Say About GDP Per Capita

According to the reports, GDP per capita in India can cross 2900 USD by the coming year (by the end of the year 2020). The analytic reports of the Trading Economics have given this report. The reports also suggest that the per capita income will reach 3200 USD by the year 2021.

It can be claimed that for a common man, keeping the eyes on GDP per capita income should matter more, rather than simply enquiring what is GDP full form from numerous sources. Being associated with the general livelihood of citizens, intellectuals often stress on publishing GDP reports in simpler language that can be understood easily by all. In this context, many people want an explanation of what Is GDP in Hindi. These are indeed appreciable ideas to make these things available among the general audiences.

Importance of GDP Economic Study

In this era of this economic uncertainty, people are putting a lot of effort to confront any disastrous occasion. Hence, to realize whether a government is fairly working or not, it is highly important to understand what is GDP economics.

It has become essential to teach these economic aspects in schools and colleges to prepare the forthcoming generation accordingly. Bluntly understanding the terms or simply taking the figures into account, misinterpretation is quite obvious. Eg. the GDP growth rate is not the only measure for realizing the status of a nation or livelihood of citizens of the same.

A government may increase spending to hasten the process, adding taxes and all on the common citizens. Similarly, only the per capita income also can’t determine the status of the citizens. In short, unless someone thoroughly considers various dimensions of the economy, starting from GDP, per capita income, taxation, to inflation, it would be unfair to give judgments on the economy.

Though simple GDP figures don’t tell everything about a nation’s economy, moreover, the livelihood of its citizens, but it indeed is an important parameter. As all the further calculations are made based on it, GDP often remains at the core of economy or economic calculations.

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